Flowing Energy


Sagarpriya has been a trainer of therapists in the fields of counselling and bodywork for the past thirty-five years. She is the innovator of two therapeutic methods, Psychic Massage and Star Sapphire Energywork. While directing the massage program at the Esalen Institute in California, she wrote her first book about Psychic Massage. Her second book, The Master’s Touch, has been published in five languages. A third book, The two shores of Love, on the subject of the Inner Man and Woman, was published in 2016. Sagarpriya has been a member of all of Osho’s communes, sometimes training therapists and sometimes hammering nails and gardening. Her passion is to bring awareness into the smallest events of everyday life.


17 Jun27 Jun Psychic Massage Training 4 Sagarpriya, Praphulla, Vartan Tuscany, Italy
11 Oct26 Oct Energywork Training 2 Sagarpriya, Moumina, Amar Leela Braedstrup, Denmark
13 Nov19 Nov Inner Man Inner Woman Training Sagarpriya, Amar Leela Tuscany, Italy


30 Jul2 Aug Psychic Massage Training 1 Vartan, Sagarpriya Tuscany, Italy
19 Nov22 Nov Psychic Massage Training 2 Sagarpriya, Vartan Tuscany, Italy
25 Nov29 Nov A Balancing Act Sagarpriya, Amar Leela Tuscany, Italy
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