Flowing Energy


Moumina studied dance and body therapy in London. Trained in Bioenergetics, Neo-Reichain bodywork, Pulsation, Primal, Star Sapphire, and Family Constellation, Moumina presently spends a large part of her time contributing to various long therapy trainings and teaching her own course in Body-Types. In a playful way, she helps people to explore how the body loves to move and to trust the body’s instinctual authenticity.


27 Sep29 Sep Star Sapphire Moumina Stockholm, Sweden
11 Oct26 Oct Energywork Training 2 Sagarpriya, Moumina, Amar Leela Braedstrup, Denmark


9 Oct24 Oct Energywork Training 1 Sagarpriya, Moumina, Amar Leela Palmela, Portugal
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