Flowing Energy

Amar Leela

Amar Leela has worked with various international orchestras and prestigious opera houses as a violist since she was very young. In 2006 she founded and then co-directed for ten years the Osho Ki6 Meditation Center in Venice Lido. In her seminars she has been teaching Osho Neo Reiki and how to relate through Empathic Communication, but recently she also enjoys leading groups and trainings in Star Sapphire male-female Energywork. Leela loves to share the qualities of trust and self-acceptance, transmitting to people relaxation in the present moment and an ability to flow.


14 Mar15 Mar The dance of the Opposites Amar Leela Castiglioncello (LI), Italy
25 Apr29 Apr The Other Me Amar Leela Sofia, Bulgaria
26 Aug30 Aug Star Sapphire – Inner Man, Inner Woman Amar Leela Braedstrup, Denmark
25 Nov29 Nov Returning to Balance Sagarpriya, Amar Leela Tuscany, Italy


8 Oct23 Oct Energywork Training 1 Sagarpriya, Moumina, Amar Leela, Safar Nazaré, Portugal
15 Nov21 Nov Inner Man Inner Woman Training Moumina, Amar Leela Tuscany, Italy


14 Oct29 Oct Energywork Training 2 Sagarpriya, Moumina, Amar Leela, Safar Nazaré, Portugal
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