Flowing Energy

Star Safira: Inner man Inner woman intensive

with Moumina

For a Portuguese description go to: https://starsafira.casadelakshmi.com

Many people who are interested in inner growth have an idea about their ‘Feminine side’ and their ‘Masculine side’. However the ideas we have are heavily influenced by imagination and cultural stereotypes. The real inner man and real inner woman are, initially, not so easy to know. In this intensive we will use varied methods that will bring your two sides clearly into view.

Once we meet them, we find that these two energies are in a relationship. Usually we imagine that to bring harmony between them, the two sides have to agree with each other, and so have to compromise. This attempted harmony comes from our mistaken ideas about love. As a result, we end up with an inner relationship based on self-sacrifice, pleasing, helping, controlling, and parent-child. This might look like love, but actually is not.

We will use a very different approach. We drop all thought of your inner male and inner female needing to agree. Instead, we will explore which one currently has most access to her or his inner essence. We invite that side to relax in meditation and trust themselves in self-love, rather than compromising with or dominating the other side. And by and by a miracle happens. A spark of self-trust passes across from the first to the second side, who also begins to trust themselves in self-love.

In this course, both of your two sides learn what it means to be present. However for each side, presence and meditation are expressed with a different flavour. In one moment sitting silently supports meditation, in another moment, perhaps running, cooking or doing accounts. These unique expressions are a joy and a surprise to discover, as activities that we overlooked or dismissed are found to nourish our deep being and activities that we thought were necessary to life begin to drop away.

There’s a very direct route to experiencing presence: your body. Even when the mind gets lost in pain and worry, the body remains spontaneous and alive. So this workshop starts with the body, including dance and guided movement meditations. This steps right past the censorship of the critical mind and liberates a great source of vitality. It brings us into connection with a wellspring that is fresh and new moment to moment. This presence is the key to resolving all difficulties between our inner man and inner woman.

Starting from this body-connectedness, we have a sensitive and living ground from which to explore the polarity of male and female, yin and yang. Whether we have to deal with difficulties in our relationships or make choices affecting our work and daily life, we will discover that this inner dynamic reveals resources and new creative possibilities that our logical mind would have no access to.

28 Jul 20202 Aug 2020
Rio de Janeiro
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