Flowing Energy

Returning to Balance
Inner male and inner female

This group is about a relationship that exists on the inside of ourselves. Often we see the same relationship reflected on the outside in our partners—or a series of partners. When there are problems on the outside, our efforts to improve things often lead to the feelings of tension or frustration. But if we return to the energetic source of those problems, which we will find on the inside of ourselves, much can be done to help our male part and our female part live in a state of relaxed equilibrium.

How did we get out of balance? Typically one part of you (the male or the female) has been supported in the past—supported to experiment, supported when it made mistakes to try again and again and eventually to succeed in its own areas of interest. Now that success is sure, it uses this leverage to dominate.

The second part of you (the opposte one) was not so lucky. Whenever it had different ideas of what it wanted to do, it was told to wait, or step aside, because the other part’s activities were more important. And slowly it became accustomed to being less appreciated, inferior, even guilty for “mistakes” which disturbed the first one’s scenario.

How to put them in balance? It never happens by compromise, in which each one has to give up half of its life for the other. No, it happens by totality—each living 100% according to its own interests and impulses. It happens thanks to a connection with meditation, or essence, which allows each part of you to consciously choose the moment to act or to rest. Then they play together on a see-saw—one up and one down, and a minute later it’s changed. Equilibrium is not a state that is fixed forever, but rather a conscious adjustment to the needs of each new moment. When both parts of you live in the state of love, they can easily and gracefully give way to each other.

“My approach is neither Eastern nor Western, my approach is neither male nor female, my approach is neither of action nor inaction, my approach is that of utter balance, symmetry, in you. This is what Taoists call wei wu wei, action through inaction—the meeting of yin and yang, anima and animus; it brings enlightenment. Imbalance is neurosis; balance is enlightenment.”


25 Nov 202029 Nov 2020
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