Flowing Energy

Intimacy Begins Inside
The masculine/feminine connection

We are all searching for intimacy on the outside—with partners, friends, and lovers. And we are often shocked by our failure to find what we are looking for. We can’t understand why we are unhappy in relationships when we approach the others in our lives with such good intentions to be loving.

There is a secret door to intimacy, but this door leads to the inside of yourself, not outside. On the inside, you have two aspects, one masculine and one feminine. These reside in the right side and the left side of your body respectively. They are choosing the life you lead and the particular people you connect with. If the relationship between them is healthy, it is immediately reflected in the “mirror” on the outside—so quickly that an inner change becomes visible with your external partner from one day to the next.

This group helps you to make acquaintance with your inner male and female, and if you have already made acquaintance, then to go deeper into resolving any rift between them. There are typical mistakes that can be corrected, like one polarity taking too much space, or the other one serving the interests of the first without acknowledging its own priorities. Both the inner male and inner female need to delve into themselves deep enough to find presence—which is the ability to be happy alone with whatever the moment brings. Then, instead of reacting to one another and closing, they flower in the presence of each other, they open. And intimacy—a mixture of delicate sensitivity, innocence, and gratitude—is the natural result of this flowering.

4 May 20186 May 2018
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