Flowing Energy

Inner Man — Inner Woman
Exploring the relationship inside

with Jivan, Safar

Relationship is the most important part of our lives.

We relate with our parents, partners, children, friends, colleagues. We also have relationships with things like money, sex, and alcohol.

Each of our relationships can bring up different kinds of issues. For example, you may find that you’re often stopping yourself from doing what you really like because you’re afraid of hurting the other person. Or you may notice yourself making demands on the other.

Such issues are reflections of your relationship inside, between your Inner Man and Inner Woman.

If you’re experiencing something on the outside, look within.

In these three days, we will explore the dynamic between our two polarities, Inner Man and Inner Woman. Through playful exercises, both polarities will get the opportunity to express themselves and be listened to. By the end of the group, you will clearly understand connections between your inner patterns and your outer life.

31 May 20192 Jun 2019
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