Flowing Energy

Inner Man, Inner Woman
A meeting between polar opposites

Theoretically, we can do whatsoever we want in life. But most of us don’t manage. We are suffering daily in jobs that we don’t particularly like. We remain in relationships that are not satisfying. Why is this so?

It has to do with the inner dynamic between two opposite, contradictory parts of ourselves—the male and female. One polarity has a wish, an impulse, and the other polarity criticizes and eventually cancels the impulse. The second then chooses the direction, and the first, now weakened, makes a compromise. In compromise, it can be well-intentioned, but without the energy of a natural authenticity, it can give no real support. No matter how much effort it makes, this polarity will never receive any appreciation, and eventually it falls into states of unworthiness and depression.

These two parts within us don’t even know each other, let alone understand each other. First they have to get acquainted, and then they can learn a completely new way of relating in which neither dominates the other. As each becomes more independent, more sure of its own value, more joyous in its contribution to the life, a miracle happens: whenever we make any movement, whenever we even take a breath, love comes dancing.

23 Mar 201825 Mar 2018
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