Flowing Energy

In the Hands of Existence
Massage course

with Vartan

Physical contact carries the potential of a much deeper communication than what we normally imagine and accept as a limit: touching is a bridge between two essences, it is a door into the infinite space and subtle energies of the heart. In this space, for both sides, the presence and vitality are deeply nourished.

In a loving and relaxing way, we will discover how to prepare for a massage and how to let it unfold. Using as a basis the techniques of the Esalen massage, we will learn to touch the whole body: which strokes to use, how much pressure to exert, and when to release it. We will also learn the appropriate direction of our strokes so that we can fully respect the flow of energy and liquids in the body.

“In the Hands of Existence” is about experiencing surrender and at the same time feeling supported: it is a possible meeting with the river of life that flows silently and uninterruptedly. According to an ancient Sufi saying, “Existence doesn’t have any hands but yours to do things.” We’ll try to make ourselves available.

2 Aug 20185 Aug 2018
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