Flowing Energy

Deeper than Touch
Psychic Massage Seminar

A Psychic Massage reconnects you with that part of yourself that lies beyond all problems and conflicts. It supports a state of resting within yourself, where you feel relaxed and you don’t wish to change anything because the moment is full and complete.

In this group, you become aware of those places in yourself which already say “yes” to life. Instead of focusing on problematic parts and trying to change them, Psychic Massage focuses on building your health, building your love, so that this atmosphere gently invites a relaxation in the whole of the body/mind. You start to trust more and more, so that even when problems surface, your trust and self-confidence remain undisturbed.

Psychic Massage is a meeting of two beings in meditation. And this meeting enriches you and fills you with contentment.

22 Jun 201827 Jun 2018
Lazany, Zlutice
Czech Republic
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